Bloob Idle Animation (final version)

Final one! I hope it looks more natural and organic. :3
I decided to remove spring bones for dangling elements (too haotic :[ ) and add a lot of new bones for "bubbles"


Bloob || Idle animation

Another creature that I'm working on :3 Here's Idle animation (I'm still thinking about changing it a little bit) + scene view with bones; for dangling elements I use spring bones. There are useful but super chaotic little moth**** xD


Bloob || Work in progres

Something new is coming... :>


Fishman animation

Aaaand here it is - my first animation ever (Idle, walk and something like "attack") xD I learned a lot with this one and hope to do a lot more in the future. Now I see a lot of stuff that I could do better.
 I hope It's a good sign? I guess :D
(I used unity/anima2d for animating, nvidia shadowplay for recording and adobe premier pro for editing ;>)


Monster sketches

To start learning 2D animation I needed some characters that I could animate so here they are :D 3 dudes who really like pink ;> I hope that soon I will show you my first animations done in Anima2D (Unity plug-in)