Here are 2 matte-paintings that I did last time. Each of them took me something about 2h :) I used stock photos from this site. I think that I will do more of them - there are a great fun and a quick way to show some ideas.


Mother of Chaos

This is humanoid creature that is creating a lot of monsters here and there. :) Pure evil with nice wings!


Flying Island - concepts

Ok, so it's time for a little update. One of the things that I'm currently working on is a concept of "flying island" for a digart concept art battle. Here are few quick ideas (each one took something about 2-4min) and also quick speed-painting of one of my ideas for fun. :)


"Clocwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink" Art

"Hell, it's about time!"

Some time ago I was working on the new Artifex Mundi game called "Clocwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink." Today the game has its premiere and I can show some of my works I done for this project. :) I think that Clocwork Tales is a really good point&click game. It's in steampunk style and has a lot of outstanding mini-games and storytelling.

If you want, you can try the demo of this game HERE (and when you realized how much awesome this game is you will immediately buy it :D


Movie Frames Studies #2

Hello :) Here I've few movie frames studies for sketchbook challenge :)


Movie Frames Studies #1

I encourage you to to participate in new edition on Sketchbook Challenge. "August edition" is about studying movie frames :) It's really great idea to practice every day (at least) one movie frame! All thanks to Wojtek Fus :)

Check it by yourself at facebook group

Here you have my first painting [took something about ~1h]