Tree house

Do you remember last post about Goblin-mushroom creatures in forest? Today I made something similar to that world - goblin creature home in magic tree :) Here you can see general look and what is inside :) Hope you will like it!


StarCraft II: HotS - competition art

Hey there! I have some good news. Some time ago I took part in the competition for one of the largest portals about games in Poland - gram.pl. The goal of the competition was to draw/create a zerg from StarCraft II: Hearth of the Swarm. Unfortunately I saw this competition two days before its ending so I had not so much time to make something but I tried and took second place and won lots of stuff! :D (8GB pendrive, hdd disck, t-shirt, mouse pad from steelseries and more). Ok... so end of this blah-blah:) here you can see what I have made:

StarCraft II Kerrigan concept design

Now I'm going to play BioShock: Infinite! :D


Goblin creatures in forest

First offI - I made quick sketch of a fallen tree from stock photo, but then one member of sketchbook challenge group proposed that I will make some goblins inside. I decided to think about it. This way the Mushroom Goblin Creatures were born! :)

first version... 

...and with Mushroon Goblin Creatures! :)


Will works for book!

Some time ago, a game designer with whom I work on a project in Artifex Mundi asked me to prepare some concepts for cards to his new board game. As a friendly gesture I've decided to help him. Any day now he is sending the prototype of the game for a contest :). Of course no matter the results of contest we'll continue working on this project. This card based game should be hopefully available this year [maybe even in electronic form]. Currently, I can not show any images of the game but what I can show is the "payment" I've got so far :D. For the first time I received a book for my work! I've got the Feynman's Lectures in Physics (as a huge fan of Star Trek and physics I am more than thrilled!) and a highly rated novel "Diamond Age". I can not wait to start reading them! :D


Star Trek & Kerbal Space Program

Just quick Star Trek & Kerbal Space Program fan-art today. :-)


MSCh #3

Eqsquisite snail & dress study :)


MSCh #2

First I painted the normal deer but came to the conclusion that it was boring, so I decided to change something :) I added him gold sunglasses and a chain :D Now he is "50 Deer",


MSCh #1

And now the March edition!
Angry Rooster ;D