''The death of the darkness''

New artwork done yesterday. It took me something between 3-5 h I think. :)
Hope you will like it!


Helmut the plush Zergling

Today I will show you something that I finished yesterday - sketch of my awesome plush zergling named Helmut ^^

PS: I have now ArtStation account and you can find my profile HERE

PS2: I also have instagram! :)


Challenge 9

Here is my challenge 9 for facebook group Brainstorm. The task was to create fantasy environment with ice, castle and vikings. I was able to do only quick mixing of photos and brushes I didn't have enough time :<


3D time!

I got back into 3d modeling :D I knew only -very- basics from 3ds max, but now I want to get more experience and level up to advance user. Here you have my first strange ruins WIP as proof! :)


Guardian of the temple

Friendly lady that I did yesterday^^ Just a relaxing sketch after work.


Fisherman set

I have some new stuff here! :) They were made something about one month ago and I forgot to put them here. So here they are:

isometric view of fisherman hut (3 stages)

character design in cartoon art style - getting out of comfort zone here^^