No man's land

Speed-paintings done after watching new opening cinematic to The Witcher 3: Wild hunt.
I'm so exited and can't wait to play this awesome game :D

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3L0_ez0Dg4


Sabotating the bridge

Get out of here stalker! :>
Personal piece done for fun! I love post-apocalypse  :)


Caravan to the Temple

Uff I had a little bit of free time so I decided to do some environment design. Here it is!  :)  Lens flare hell yeah^^


Challenge 12 - Spirited Away

Background study done for challenge 12 . The task was to create landscapes or interiors for Spirited Away animation. Here's my entry! :3


Brass game

I have a great pleasure to finally show you one of the projects that I was working on as freelance artist recently. Game called "Brass" is finally announced! It’s an electronic version of Brass (for iOS and Android).

here you have concepts that I did for buildings

and work in progress versions of buildings in color 

Don't forget to visit official website!


The mighty Sofa and friends!

Behold! My greatest creation! The MIGHTY Sofa and friends! <epic sound from the Space Odyssey in the background>

Ok... ok. it's nothing special but I'm still learning and trying to level up with my 3D skills.
I hope that someday I will be able to do giant mother ship destroying big planet by massive nuclear explosions with tones of space fighters^^ of course I will put there a sofa too! :D


The Cave

This one took a loooot of time! I think that it took something between 28 - 32h (yeah so sloooow -__-) but It's finished now and my soul can be free. ^^ Ok, now I'm going back to create more works.

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