The white moose

Trying new technique. Took 25 min :)


"Daily Spitpaint"

Two days ago I have been informed there is a cool group on facebook. I decided to take a look on it and its wow. I saw a lot of awesome works and artists in there! So ok, I decided to also try it out. You can find this group here.

Here is my first Speed-painting: Human Plant (30 min)

I decided to polish this one and I spend 1,5 hours more:

And the second one where the topic was "achtung panzer" (also 30 min)


Sci-Fi Landscape

New environment done in my free time. :)

Ou, and  I just started learning 3ds max :>  behold all polygons! I'm coming for ya!


"Sword Conjuration"

Illustration done in free time. :) Took only few hours (I think that 4-5). Nice wizard  lady and her sword in  conjuration ritual. I used as reference stock model from this site.

Achievement unlocked!

Today I started playing "Clockwork Tales: of Glass and Ink". One of the games that I was working at few months ago. At the end of game I saw credits list and my name there ^^ So... new achievement unlocked! :)

Clockwork Tales is now "Games of the Month" at Gazebo. Yea! :)