FSCh #5

Nothing special today :) only quick study of a rock.


FSCh #4

Another concept art for sketchbook challenge. :) Bubble creature. :)

FSCh #4

Long time no see :)! I had few days of crunch in work and no time to draw for the "February sketchbook challenge" :(. But now I'm going to repair it! Here are some works that I did not show on my blog before. :)


"Shrove Thursday"

Today in my country [Poland] we have "shrove Thursday"! It's a day when everybody eat donuts :).
For this occasion in Artifex Mundi we bought lot of donuts and had a lot of fun. :D

Om nom nom!


FSC #2

Here's another page of my sketchbook for the February sketchbook challenge :) Here are some humanoid bubble creatures and their building or something like that. I think that I'll post new sketches every two days.
Enjoy :)!


February Sketchbook Challenge

My friend from max3d.pl forum started a awesome new idea for artists. He created "February Sketchbook Challenge", you can find the facebook group HERE. Main goal of this event is to make one sketchbook page per day through all February using whatever technique you want.

So lets get it started! This is my first page. It shows an ancient mech wizard on dead horse. :)

And for the end of post something inspiring from Leonardo :D !