Artbuzz Challenge 2013

Hello there! I have to show you my new concept art for "Artbuzz Challenge" competition. The task was to create an ideal workplace for CG artist (contemporary or future). First, I created a few silhouettes. Then I selected one of them and finished it. All of it took me about 4-5 hours. So here you have my silhouettes and the final piece:


final piece

and description:

Here is my vision of a ideal CG-graphic workplace. Its a ultra-sci-fi chair using organic deep-sea nanotechnology for communication with the user. While using neural impulses are collected by tiny nanobots placed in the users brain, eyes and hands and sending them to the workstation. Next the station interprets signals and shows it on the view screen placed over the artist. In simple words - you see what you think about :). During the time spent working the station provides nutritions and comfort for the body so the user can work for looong hours. :)


Update 22.04

A quickie update for today - recently I have volunteered for a "office medic". My boss sent me on a course how to save lifes in case of the office emergencies :D - ouh, and I got this awesome t-shirt ^^.
Also I've started attending to a atelier to work on my traditional paintings skills, so in near future you can count on some photos of my paintings. And of course I still practice my daily routine of speedpaintings.


Color and Light - landscape and squirrel

I decided to start learning about color and light theory. Some time ago I bought a book named "Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter" by James Gurney. Recently I also signed up for a course about traditional painting. In future I will of course show here my results :). For now here you have some speed-paintings where I tried to put into practice that what I've learned from the book.


Goth'ish accent

Here's something I made for the Sketchbook Challenge. In the future I'll have to do something better with those faces ;). For my excuse I can only say that this work was made more as a speedpainting. In total it took me about 2,5-3 hours.


Lasso Tool Training

Today I've got a little series of quick environment training works. I decided to explore new methods of work and make most parts of those paintings by lasso tool and some basic brushes.



Here's a fun fact for today :) - since recently I'm hosting CAB - concept art battles on a big polish art-board [ klick here to visit website ].  Battles are diverse to many categories, for example: character design, environment design, industrial design and others. If you wish to join the competition and maybe win everlasting glory - you're invited. ;)