Skull Forest

This concept art of "Skull forest" took me something of about 5-7 hours of work. Now I'm working on a similar painting with some ruins :) Hope you will like it!

<going back to painting some dark fantasy stuff>


psychedelic cat #1

Ok, so after a lazy weekend it's time for work! Here you got concept of a Psychedelic Cat with antlers. :)
It was a lot of fun and I think that someday I'll do more crazy cats concepts. :D


Night City

"Night City" witch cats :) Quick sketch before bed (~20-30min)^^


post-apocalyptic costume design

I decided to do more costume/character/creature design for practice.Today I finished few costume concepts for post-apocalyptic female hermit-type character. I'll do more of them because It's a lot of fun :D (and I hope that they Will be better :) ).



"paper, scissors, rock spock"

Yesterday's discussion on Sketchbook Challenge group on Facebook inspired me to draw this. Term "spock, rock" takes on a new meaning! :D Engage!


Crazy rock

I tried to draw a portrait of Khan from Star Trek but it was totally crap... -___- so for relax I drew a rock. :D


I'm Back!

Hey everyone! I was offline for a while because I moved from Poland to Paris (where I lived for two weeks in the hotel) and then to my new home in Versailles. In new home I didn't have any furnitures or internet connection and I don't drew anything :( But now I'm back! :)

Ok, so for start I have two 10 minutes landscape speed-paintings.

... and I'll show my strange picture with Eiffel tower and my unicorn Don Pedro (every one in Paris should have one^^ ). All right so I'm going back to draw more stuff and learn france!