Noah's Art Camp Review

Last week I just finished Noah's Art camp (finished last assigned work), and now I can share with you my opinion. First of, go and look on course website for some basic info and a free video from first week!

The first plus is that the course costs only 250$. Every week we were getting demo video made by Noah Bradley and a list of tasks to do for whole week. There was a looot of things to do, but I usually managed to do them all or half of them (because of job ect). Quality of videos was perfect, but sometimes there were little problems with sound (noise).
Another positive thing was that we got few free video materials from other artists. There were really awesome!

After each week we got feedback. At first few weeks we got it from Noah Bradley (it was outstanding and helpfull, but unfortunately only few people got direct feedback), but all the rest of the course it was Cynthia Sheppard who gave us her opinions and thoughts regarding our works. In my opinion it was perfect. Everyone who applied their works for feedback got them. :) Of course we could in the meantime gave and get some critic to another members of course. I meet few really nice people there.

The only big minus was that course site was on Facebook and sometimes very interesting discussions were lost because of this site comment system.

At the end I wish to recommend all of you to take this course if you have the time. You need to remember one thing - nobody will stand behind you and say all day "do it!" You will need to be motivated and able to do a lot of work.

And for the end one of the latests works from course:


diplomat - priest

Hello! I did few new character designs for my imaginative sci-fi world. I created some basic ideas for new species. Here are one of them. Priests, who are also diplomats for meeting with other cultures. :) It was really relaxing. :)


Week 10 - Thumbnails

New stuff from Art Camp! :) Few thumbnails [I made more of them but decided to show only my favorites].
Now I'm finishing week 11 and I'll post it soon!