Shadow Warrior 2: Zilla Lab Assets part I

I'm super happy to show you few of my artworks done for Shadow Warrior 2 game :D
Zilla Lab assets part one. At the bottom you can see few of them done by outsource artist(3D) and Justyna Leszczyńska (3D& level art)

Art direction: Łukasz Zdunowski.

More coming soon... ;) 



Moar tits!

New one :) Just quick study ;3


Give a Kiss

Personal stuff. My boyfriend told me to draw more boobs ^^


Flying WIld Hog - art dump

Another artworks done for unannounced project at Flying Wild Hog that I can show you :)



Catacombs concept art

Two concepts that I did for unannounced fantasy project at Flying Wild Hog :) Unfortunately I can't tell more about it (but I will post more of them soon!). All of them were made with the awesome help of my art director Jakub Kuźma.


Shadow Warrior 2

I would like to share with you few new information about the game that I'm working on right now - Shadow Warrior 2 at Flying Wild Hog. :D I was also working on some other game but I will post more information about it in few days ;)

so... here you have a nice announcement trailer!

And here are first impressions from AngryJoe

More stuff coming soon!


Ink Sketches

At the beginning  of the new year I decided to practice more some traditional techniques. Here you have few Ink sketches done in my free time :) Some of them are tattoo designs because I would like to do tattoos in future :D


Sweet Kitty || Tattoo design

Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur.

Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,

Purr Purr Purr

Something new done in my free time :) (ink stuff)