Comics Workshop

A couple days ago I went to comics workshop named "Action! Comic".
This workshop was aiming for creating a motion comic. It was really exciting and fun! I started also going to other comic workshop held every Thursday at the ''library manhattan'' - and made more and more comics! :)



Daily Works 21.04.12

A few quick speed-paintings of landscapes :)

And some of my sketches from new sketchbook :)



Hello there!

Here is some designs from my exercise:). Two houses from a fantasy world - Herbalist hut and a wizard's tower. Recently I am also learning a new application for 3d graphic - Google's sketchUP and I made some 3d models of my herbalist hut:)

And for the end - signs of the zodiac cute version


Another monster :)

Made from screenshot from Resident Evil 5 movie :)
A lot of fun! :D

Daily works #5

Still life [ tempera on paper A5, 1,5 h]


Spring is comming

Happy Easter day ! :D

[With some elements of the winter because last days it snowed in my town :o]


Another monsters

I had an awesome weekend this weekend! Post-apo grill in an abandon building in center of the city with my friends [ www.pgeteam.eu ]. And there were ninja-speleo-line-tricks involved too. There'll be more soon, I feel the spring is coming! :D