Art Camp week 3

Part of my works frow week 3! :) Ufff a lot of painting.


Art Camp week 2

 I decided that I need to go back to basics. I singed up for Noah's Art Camp course. It will take 3 months of intensive training. I'm now finishing my first week and wow! I did a loooot of paintings! 25 color master studies and 25 works from imagination. I'll put some links below. Ouh, and you can still sing up. :)

One hour free video: HERE
course site: HERE

Few of my "color master studies"

and here are few works from imagination. Of course without references and textures or 3d. Who knows, maybe some day I'll finish them :)



New part of paintings done for "daily speedpainting facebook group" :) Each of them took 15-27 min.


Skull wip | new tablet!

Here is some concept that I'm currently working at.

And I have a new tablet! At last ;) After working at my old Wacom Graphiere It's something marvelous!


Sci-fi Lens Flare.

Something bigger today. Took me definitely more than 30 min :) Sci-fi environment with an epic lens flare! I realized that a lot of new games have lens flares everywhere, so this is my answer! :)