Dark Swamp

Christmas around the corner so it's time to return to exercises. For starters a quick muddy enviro. :)


Games from Artifex Mundi

Today I'm gonna say few words about recently published games from studio where I work. :)

 Dark Arcana: The Carnival
We take actions as mrs detective searching for a missing women in an amusement park soon to find out that it is haunted and creepy! Lovely graphics. :)

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden
Part of the description from the website: "A world-famous explorer, Robert Marceau, who is also the protagonists lover, accidentally discovers the city. Contact with him is lost soon after that, and the woman, not caring about the danger, goes to the rescue."
Lots of fish, crabs and I think it is my favorite game from this kind. :D

In about a month I will be able to show my artworks that I made for the upcoming game: Time Mysteries 3.



New work that I've made today - "Horseman". This big creature is he's pet, it's made from macro photography of a worm. I have changed details, lights, colors and added a horseman ;)


Rust City #2

Finally I had time to finish second place from the Rust City! It took so long because I had a lot work in my job - our game is coming out soon and there are a lot of things to do. :)

New location is named "Room of Debauchery". Its a place where brilliant ideas are born. Full command at this location is executed by a fish named Edgar. Do not be fooled by its inconspicuous appearance. He is the most important brains of the operations and he likes cucumber - or so he says.

Soon I will end another room and maby some map of Rust City. :)



I know that Halloween ended a few days ago but there's no way that I let go drawing a pumpkin! :)


03.11.12 Environments

Some new sketches that I made after work [It's interesting that after 8 hours of painting at work I have strength and enthusiasm to draw some more at home :)].
In few days I will post a new location from rust city so... "wait for it" :D


Fish Speedpainting | New Aquarium

Two months ago, I had set up a aquarium with several leopard spotted Corydoras. Also I came to the conclusion that having aquarium is really interesting and creative [ and expensive :) ].
I love to sit with some tea and watch my fishes - it's more interesting then TV. :)

Here are some fotos that I took yesterday:

And some speedpainting of Corydoras:


Environment practise

Ref stud with some details from me. Took about 3-4 hours :) Hm... I think that I really like post-apocalypse :D


"Rust City" Project

I started with a new private project. Last time I was looking up Feng Zhu's Blog I've got impressed with he's students work, so I decided to practice a lot of interior & exterior design.

I created a post-apocalypse location named: "Rust City" - a little town made in fallout style. Today I finished first place in this town: "Candy Store" military shop. This room is inside a big underground bunker. Soon I will post more locations and big map of this town.

Enjoy! :)

Boat #2

Another boat speed-painting :)



New speed-paintings :)



Nothing special,only another exterior speed-paint :)



Morning speed-painting. Took about 30 minutes :)


speed-painting #2

Another speed-painting about mountains after work :) Took about 30 minutes.



Here you have a speed painting painted by me yesterday. I've made it based on a photography taken in Polish mountains this year - I strongly recommend visiting the "Tatry" mountains if you'll ever have an opportunity. :) Speedpaint made in less then hour.


Still life

Today's still life from my desk :) Took about 2h.


New Idea

Recently I had an idea for a platform game, so I decided to create first concept. I think that I will add more colors and details of course :)



As I mentioned earlier - I've made some quick dragon concepts and by the way I've decided to create a bigger, high detailed illustration containing them.

As a preparation for this I've already made some skyline sketches from references. Perhaps in few days I'll show you the finished illustration. :)


Owls are everywhere!

Here you go, some random speed-paintings from last weeks. Made from references.

Recently I didn't have much time for making new works because I've just started a new job in a game developing studio Artefix Mundi. There I create concepts and graphic designs for "HOPA" type of games [ Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure]. I recommend they games for all gamers out there :> - they may not be so hardcore as the new Prototype 2, but they can possess a load of your free time:). Because of the job switch I had to move from the sea coast to Krakow near the mountains, so beware and expect dragon concepts coming soon! ;)



New pirate location in progress :) Half way done.


New works

Alien heads



Summer time = more practice :D!


Robo silhouette:


robo silhouette

My first silhouette :)

Better version here -> CLICK
[I don't know why but blogger changes my work to the poorer quality :o]


Anoder work day :)

New stuff from today :)

very quick dino sketches :)

And some work in progress :) Tower of creed



Creature design

The first one of my new series - Monk :)


A lot of environments!

I've recently pushed myself to create 2 environments evry day :) Take a look at some of them: