"Rust City" Project

I started with a new private project. Last time I was looking up Feng Zhu's Blog I've got impressed with he's students work, so I decided to practice a lot of interior & exterior design.

I created a post-apocalypse location named: "Rust City" - a little town made in fallout style. Today I finished first place in this town: "Candy Store" military shop. This room is inside a big underground bunker. Soon I will post more locations and big map of this town.

Enjoy! :)

5 komentarzy:

  1. Is this 3d or 2d? I just wonder if you make this as a big 3d map of a city or separate 2d files with different places.

  2. 2d only :) But I'm learning now Zbrush so I think that I will make 3d model of city.

  3. Ten komentarz został usunięty przez autora.

  4. niesamowite;)

    super prace, pochodziłbym do ciebie na warsztaty...

  5. hehe dzięki :) ! Zapraszam do Krakowa :D :D