Another landscape!

Fantasy enviro done in free time :) [something about ~3h or less].


Weapon design

Ok, so it's time to do something new. :) Here I have my first modern weapon design, AK47 in post apocalypse (stalker) style.



2 quick speed paintings. Topic was something like "in forest wilderness" (it's hart to translate this title from Polish to English).  Each of them took something about 1h. :) Hope you will like them!

This tree is more afraid of you. :)

Uh hu huu hu scary Owls are here and there are watching you!


Props design

Little practice today. :) herbalist & necromancer desk.


The Last of Us Fan Art

This is final illustration for The Last of Us Fan Art contest (organized by max3d.pl) and I decided to do something else than portrait of Ellie, Joel or some environment design. Met the "mushroom cat"! Beware of his powerful *meow* scream!