Another study :)


Iceberg study

One of few images that I did for Art camp ( week 6 ) :)


Deus Ex "fan art"

I finished (second time) Deus Ex: Human Revolution today :D This game is really awesome! I just did this "Fan art" and decided to share with you all.. :)


Merry Christmas!

Yay, Christmas time! :) Al day of eating and eating... and playing games. :) Here is something from me:


Thorny skull

Finally I have time to finish this skull painting! Yay :- )


Art Camp week 3

Part of my works frow week 3! :) Ufff a lot of painting.


Art Camp week 2

 I decided that I need to go back to basics. I singed up for Noah's Art Camp course. It will take 3 months of intensive training. I'm now finishing my first week and wow! I did a loooot of paintings! 25 color master studies and 25 works from imagination. I'll put some links below. Ouh, and you can still sing up. :)

One hour free video: HERE
course site: HERE

Few of my "color master studies"

and here are few works from imagination. Of course without references and textures or 3d. Who knows, maybe some day I'll finish them :)



New part of paintings done for "daily speedpainting facebook group" :) Each of them took 15-27 min.


Skull wip | new tablet!

Here is some concept that I'm currently working at.

And I have a new tablet! At last ;) After working at my old Wacom Graphiere It's something marvelous!


Sci-fi Lens Flare.

Something bigger today. Took me definitely more than 30 min :) Sci-fi environment with an epic lens flare! I realized that a lot of new games have lens flares everywhere, so this is my answer! :)


The white moose

Trying new technique. Took 25 min :)


"Daily Spitpaint"

Two days ago I have been informed there is a cool group on facebook. I decided to take a look on it and its wow. I saw a lot of awesome works and artists in there! So ok, I decided to also try it out. You can find this group here.

Here is my first Speed-painting: Human Plant (30 min)

I decided to polish this one and I spend 1,5 hours more:

And the second one where the topic was "achtung panzer" (also 30 min)


Sci-Fi Landscape

New environment done in my free time. :)

Ou, and  I just started learning 3ds max :>  behold all polygons! I'm coming for ya!


"Sword Conjuration"

Illustration done in free time. :) Took only few hours (I think that 4-5). Nice wizard  lady and her sword in  conjuration ritual. I used as reference stock model from this site.

Achievement unlocked!

Today I started playing "Clockwork Tales: of Glass and Ink". One of the games that I was working at few months ago. At the end of game I saw credits list and my name there ^^ So... new achievement unlocked! :)

Clockwork Tales is now "Games of the Month" at Gazebo. Yea! :)


Another landscape!

Fantasy enviro done in free time :) [something about ~3h or less].


Weapon design

Ok, so it's time to do something new. :) Here I have my first modern weapon design, AK47 in post apocalypse (stalker) style.



2 quick speed paintings. Topic was something like "in forest wilderness" (it's hart to translate this title from Polish to English).  Each of them took something about 1h. :) Hope you will like them!

This tree is more afraid of you. :)

Uh hu huu hu scary Owls are here and there are watching you!


Props design

Little practice today. :) herbalist & necromancer desk.


The Last of Us Fan Art

This is final illustration for The Last of Us Fan Art contest (organized by max3d.pl) and I decided to do something else than portrait of Ellie, Joel or some environment design. Met the "mushroom cat"! Beware of his powerful *meow* scream!




Here are 2 matte-paintings that I did last time. Each of them took me something about 2h :) I used stock photos from this site. I think that I will do more of them - there are a great fun and a quick way to show some ideas.


Mother of Chaos

This is humanoid creature that is creating a lot of monsters here and there. :) Pure evil with nice wings!


Flying Island - concepts

Ok, so it's time for a little update. One of the things that I'm currently working on is a concept of "flying island" for a digart concept art battle. Here are few quick ideas (each one took something about 2-4min) and also quick speed-painting of one of my ideas for fun. :)


"Clocwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink" Art

"Hell, it's about time!"

Some time ago I was working on the new Artifex Mundi game called "Clocwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink." Today the game has its premiere and I can show some of my works I done for this project. :) I think that Clocwork Tales is a really good point&click game. It's in steampunk style and has a lot of outstanding mini-games and storytelling.

If you want, you can try the demo of this game HERE (and when you realized how much awesome this game is you will immediately buy it :D