"Clocwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink" Art

"Hell, it's about time!"

Some time ago I was working on the new Artifex Mundi game called "Clocwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink." Today the game has its premiere and I can show some of my works I done for this project. :) I think that Clocwork Tales is a really good point&click game. It's in steampunk style and has a lot of outstanding mini-games and storytelling.

If you want, you can try the demo of this game HERE (and when you realized how much awesome this game is you will immediately buy it :D

4 komentarze:

  1. Jeeej, jakie Ty fajne rzeczy robisz! Co wrzutka, to coś smakowitego.

    1. Wielkie dzięki! ^^ Staram się jak moge żeby to ręce i nogi miało :)

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