Artbuzz Challenge 2013

Hello there! I have to show you my new concept art for "Artbuzz Challenge" competition. The task was to create an ideal workplace for CG artist (contemporary or future). First, I created a few silhouettes. Then I selected one of them and finished it. All of it took me about 4-5 hours. So here you have my silhouettes and the final piece:


final piece

and description:

Here is my vision of a ideal CG-graphic workplace. Its a ultra-sci-fi chair using organic deep-sea nanotechnology for communication with the user. While using neural impulses are collected by tiny nanobots placed in the users brain, eyes and hands and sending them to the workstation. Next the station interprets signals and shows it on the view screen placed over the artist. In simple words - you see what you think about :). During the time spent working the station provides nutritions and comfort for the body so the user can work for looong hours. :)

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