Tank power!

Few days ago I realized something interesting. One of my main interests are post-apocalypse (cRPG, larp, urban exploration etc), fantasy (for example I play fantasy games and read books like warhammer series)  and military (asg, survival, miliraty events) but in my portfolio you don't see many 'postapo', military or fantasy works! This is strange so I decided to do more stuff that interests me. Get ready for more epic fantasy creatures, postapocalipse environments and mutants and more military stuff!

So let's get it started! First off I show you two new matte - paintings. Showing tanks in
action ( yeah, so here is the military theme :) ). I made it using basic 3D models, textures, stock images and few brushes. First of them with French AMX tank took me something about 11 hours. Next one with T-70 took "only" 8 hours of work. I hope that next one will take me less time and will be better. :) Currently I'm creating another peace of that type and I will show whole proses of creating that type of matte-painting art (steps, textures, references and models that I used). Ou, and I almost forgot - I will also show another (but only one!) sweet illustration and final costume design from previous post.

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